Family Ministries

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Couple Care Marriage Series
Marriage can be wonderful and difficult all at the same time can't it? Marriage is God's idea. It's a wonderful opportunity to reflect Him, and to join with Him to carry out His plans on this earth as we learn to serve each other. Our marriage classes provide critical support and help to Christian marriages so that we can reflect God to a culture that so badly needs Him. Consider joining us! (Our marriage classes are taught on a rotating schedule through our Adult Bible Fellowships.)

Family Care Parenting Series
Parenting is rewarding work, but it can also be one of the most difficult and painful tasks of life, so it helps to have some guidance and help during these critical years. We want to provide you that help with biblical and practical advice so that our families represent our God well. (Our parenting classes are taught on a rotating schedule through our Adult Bible Fellowships.)

Family Camp
Family Camp at Northland offers your family the unique opportunity to escape the normal schedule and pressures of everyday business, to relax with your family. One of the benefits is knowing every member of your family will hear biblical teaching in their age-specific services. A week at Family Camp will encourage you and draw you closer together. See the Northland Camp & Conference Center website to register. (Families from our church generally attend the first week or the last week of camp.)

Hannah Ministry
Life doesn't always go as planned when it comes to family planning. The Hannah Ministry provides support and help for couples going through infertility, adoption, and miscarriage. If you need help and prayer in one of these areas, please contact the church office and ask for Pastor Dave.

Sunday Night Coffee Series
Parenting teenagers can be the most enjoyable of all the parenting stages. It can also be the stage that requires the most grace and patience. At Sunday Night Coffees we focus on helping families with teenagers see the wonderful opportunities they have during these years. You will receive biblical and practical advice for parenting teens. Sunday Night Coffee meetings are held every two months on Sunday nights.


Men's Ministry
God's call to men is very demanding. They are called to leadership in their homes and in their churches. When men covenant together to study and pray, they grow and they learn to lead.

Grandparents Forum/Class
It's been well said that, "Your children and grandchildren will not remember you by the material things you gave to them, but by the inheritance of abundant life and genuine love you left with them." Grandparents can have an influence on their grandchildren that lasts for eternity. Our grandparenting class, teaches grandparents how to wisely support their children and grandchildren, and thereby maximize their influence. Our class for grandparents is taught on a rotating basis in our Adult Bible Fellowships.

Children's Ministries
Children have a special place here at Bay City Baptist. Click here to read more.

Parents will always be the primary influence in the life of a teenager, so ministry to teens must begin at home. Yet the church has a responsibility to provide teaching and nurturing as well. Since junior high and high school students are at a critical time in their lives, we provide many opportunities for teaching, connections, and ministry. Click here to read more.


Couple Care Marriage Mentoring
Even under the best circumstances, marriage is still a major challenge for couples. One study has shown that 49% of couples said they were experiencing serious problems in the first year of marriage. And, of those who divorce, 40% do so in the first three to four years of marriage. Godly marriage mentors with stable relationships can provide positive help for young couples in the early years of marriage.

Spring Couples Retreat
The Family Ministries staff plans a couples retreat for our church each Spring. Join us as we travel to an area resort for fellowship and teaching designed to draw us closer to the Lord and to each other.

Pre-Marital CounselingStatistics show that pre-marital counseling can reduce the rate of divorce by as much as 30%. Pre-marriage counseling helps couples understand how marriage reflects God. It teaches them about the coming challenges and helps them prepare to meet the problems in a biblical way. It's important that couples approach the platform on their wedding day understanding their responsibility before God, ready to take their vows seriously. Please contact the church office if you would like to schedule pre-marital counseling.

Marriage & Family CounselingSometimes marriage and family problems get too complex and difficult to face alone. That's when some biblical counsel, advice, and prayer can make all the difference in your family. If it's time for you to get some counsel, please call the church office and ask for Pastor Dave. Click here to meet our Family Pastor.


Other Activities, Opportunities, & Helps

  • Child Dedication Sunday (Each Spring)
  • Day On The Lake Activities
  • Family Talks, Warm Heart to Heart Visit on Family Matters
  • Morning Moms
  • Parent Connection Newsletter